My Story

My destiny is to be lost in life
Without your love my days are bitter
So cure my heart and come back with my happiness
For my soul lives in agony everyday
Do I blame my heart for loving you?
Or my soul? And how can I blame it?!
I intuitively knew love from you
And I see our hearts going towards their goals
They fall in love because of emotions
And it is hard to understand their actions
I thought love was sweet in my mouth
But I found how bitter this sweetness is
A lover? Or this is only my wide imagination
That lives off of misery if her image disappears
A friend? Is this why I fly in happiness
In yearning and love when her name is mentioned?!
My tortured heart is my sole problem
And my soul will not be cured without her words
Will I lose my life in the moment
When her verdict is "NO"?!
What should my heart do
While my soul yearns to achieve its dream?
O Lord! This is my story
So give my soul patience from its pain

Garden of Poetry