Oh, Palestine
that heart of yours
made out of gold
made out of jewels.

Oh, Palestine
my Palestine
the land of olives
the land of vine.

Oh Palestine
just tell me now
what took so long
for me to vow.

My love for you
is ever so great
this is my story
I'll tell it straight.

Your city of peace
the city of love
with its olive branch
carried by a dove.

Deep in my heart
deep in my soul
your cities of love
I miss them all.

I come to you
with an open arm
I miss you true
and miss your charm.

You gave me love
and lots of hope
with my loneliness
I must cope.

I have no reason
for being cruel
since I had left you
I felt like a fool.

But I promise you now
in all God's might
you won't be abandoned
day or night.

You will be free
and will be loved
you won't be forgotten
you won't be shoved.

This song is yours
for being mine
my love for you
will always shine.

I will be there
always be yours
in your mountains
on your shores.

From now on
my dear Palestine
I will be yours
and you'll be mine.

No more good-byes
no more so-long
we will remain

Garden of Poetry