At the Checkpoint
by Sherine Khalil (written after hearing on the news that an Israeli soldier shot dead a woman and her two children)

I see you at the checkpoint
Pointing your gun.
Hiding in your hideous tank.
I walk to the checkpoint
A boy in one hand
An infant on my arm.
I know it well the checkpoint,
The birthplace of my princess
On the way to the hospital
Where you stopped me,
And she saw life on the rocks
mingled with my blood.
My boy of five picks up a rock,
And throws it in your face.
The last cry of contempt.
the last attempt to hold on
to his dignity and sanity.
The last show of bravery
His choice of being a human
instead of a helpless creature.
There I saw you at the checkpoint
You took my life
And that of my five-year old warrior
And that of my little princess
Born and shot
At the checkpoint.

Garden of Poetry