The Giant

There is a sleeping giant
Who goes by many names:
Avenger, Warrior, Punisher;
His greatest name is Servant.
His size is overwhelming,
His strength beyond a legend.
His purpose is to serve his
Many names: Morality and Truth;
Righteousness and Trust;
Compassion, Brotherhod and Family Love;
Honesty and Ethics;
Justice and Respect; Honor, Goodness,
And so many more;
The giant has been tricked
by corruption, lies, deceit,
Into falling deep into
A dreamless sleep.
But beware, whosoever of you
Bathe in evil, and prevail
Upon others to do great wrongs,
Run and hide behind your trees,
For the giant, whose greatest name
Is Servant, is awakening,
And his roars of anger
Will crumble mountains.

Garden of Poetry