al-Hikaayaat ash-sha'biyyah al-falasTeeniyyah

Palestinian Folktales

The folktale was the major nightly entertainment in the early days before television and radio. The story teller was usually the grandfather, the grandmother, or one of the parents.

In every town there used to be what was called madhafah (guest house) where visitors to the town would stay and be welcomed. The Hakawaty (story teller), who was the entertainer in the madhafah, would tell the audience a story while playing a soft tune on his rababah (one-stringed violin-like instrument). The Hakawaaty would tell stories such as Kulaib and Zeer, Abu Zeid, 'Antara, Arabian Nights, and other short ones he might have heard in other towns.

The family would enjoy their story time at night especially in the winter. The children would be sitting around the kanoon (brazier) while the grandfather, the grandmother, or whoever is the story teller would be telling the story of that night.

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Palestinian Folklore