immy Allah eykhalleeha ibti'Tif witjood
ibtirmy il-Habb ibeedeiha wibnijny iwrood
* * *
tiHt ighSan izzaytoony naam il-fallaaH
ishoo hannawmy mazyoony naayim mirtaaH
wilkarmeh willaymoony o karm ittoffaaH
arD iblaady khalloony azra' wa jood
* * *
wimn innab'a iSSabiyyeh bit'abby mayy
wilHaTTa wilkoofiyyeh majmal hazzay
wissahraat isha'biyyeh fee wasT il-Hayy
wilqahweh il-'adaniyyeh 'alkoll itrood

May God protect my mother; she gives generously
She throws the seeds, and we harvest flowers
* * *
The farmer slept under the olive tree
What a wonderful sleep and rest
The grape vines, the lemon trees, and the apples
Made me plant my land and give
* * *
The young lady brings water from the spring
The kufiyya is the best fashion
The popular evenings in the middle of the neighborhood
While everybody is drinking Arabic coffee

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